The Barnabas Foundation is a preventive and curative ministry offering support and encouragement to pastors within our Church Association who are living difficult and transitional situations.

Our Dream

No ministry worker should quit his ministry due to preventable or avoidable obstacles. We ardently desire that each pastor be supported and free to reach out for help from our foundation. We covet an increase in the number of harvest workers, increasingly active and strengthened for God’s work.


Each year, ministry workers temporarily or permanently leave their ministry. Many suffer from burnout, serious health problems, a lack of resources, or experience conflicts or difficult family situations. Some would have persevered if we had been able to support them for a time. Many do not want to leave ministry, but need help for an undetermined period.
We have noticed that a preventative intervention can enable their healing and health. Since its creation, the Barnabas Foundation has had the privilege to accompany many ministry workers in various ways: with the purchase of specialized equipment, by offering time for vacation, rest, and rejuvenation, by offering specific couples help or provide assistance during important life transitions.
We believe that showing compassion towards suffering ministry workers makes a considerable difference for God’s work. The Barnabas Foundation supports this goal.


Just as Barnabas was known to be a compassionate man (Acts 4:36) and offered support to Paul and John-Mark, the Barnabas Foundation has taken upon itself to encourage and support ministry workers in our Churches who are going through difficult and transitional situations in their ministry or family.

The Barnabas Foundation aims to play a preventive role. It was born from the burden felt by pastors and believers who considered it important to support suffering ministry workers who could benefit from precious help instead of leaving their ministry or serving through serious hardships.

We believe that healthy workers are vital in the proclamation of the Gospel in Quebec, Canada, and the world.

A word from the President

A long time ago, when I was a young child, I witnessed the reality of a man’s solitude following his wife’s death. Morally broken, physically destroyed by disease and financially ruined, he eventually took his own life.

We live in an era of globalization. Social networks allow unprecedented interconnection. Yet many suffer from extreme loneliness just like my father did, having no tangible or solid human connections.

The board of directors of the Barnabas Foundation is made up of pastors and businessmen who have chosen to befriend those who minister. Our workers are, first and foremost, human beings who, in addition to their ministries, have a family and a burden for souls.

The Barnabas Foundation is sensitive to the needs of pastors and workers in the ministry. Through human connections, its network intervenes discreetly and effectively during a crisis or transitional situation by providing encouragement and real help to workers, so that they can preserve an attitude of faith through their difficulties.

Réal Primard

Comment donner?

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Donation by will
We encourage everyone to write their will through which their assets are distributed to loved ones, while also designating a certain amount for the Barnabas Foundation.
Donation by life-insurance
  • Sign up for a new life-insurance policy and name Fondation Barnabas as owner and beneficiary.
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By donating listed shares, donors will receive an additional reduction on the applicable amount of capital gains for their income taxes.
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